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What It Will Be Like To Live On The Water

What It Will Be Like To Live On The Water

Below you will find a render of what the SeaPod will look like from the perspective of someone enjoying an evening on the water. Part of living in the SeaPod is living on and enjoying the ocean. Whether that be watching the sunset from your paddleboard, snorkeling below your home and enjoying the aquatic life, kayaking in the evenings, fishing, or just going for a swim, the SeaPod puts you closer to the water than any other home.

Most water sports have something in common – they are relaxing. Research has shown that being near water can make people feel calmer and more at ease. It has been proven that people who live near the beach have better mental, emotional, and physical health than those who don’t have regular access to the beach. Ever wonder why even just a week at the beach can feel so refreshing and relaxing? Imagine if you lived IN the ocean.

The air quality near the ocean is generally better than that on land, and the further off the shore you go, the purer the air will be. This not only helps your health, but it can help you sleep more restfully. Sea air has more oxygen in it, and the negative ions in sea air allow the body to absorb oxygen more effectively. This is one of the biggest reasons why naps at the beach are so blissful.

These health benefits are researched with people who live near the coast, so when we take someone and put them in a SeaPod where you are totally surrounded by the sea, the effects are even stronger. Can you imagine something more relaxing than rocking with the waves while watching the sunset on your paddleboard every evening? We think that’s pretty hard to beat, and it’s definitely something that everyone should get to experience.

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