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TriPod #2 Production

TriPod #2 Production

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Back in August 2021, we launched the first floating TriPod base and it has been in the water since then. Now that we have seen how the first one has responded to being in the water and how everything has held up and we are ready to get the second one rolling.

We recently got our own Telehandler which is kind of like a forklift that is mounted on a telescoping boom. This allows us to lift and move heavy things like these steel tubes which will be used to build the TriPod. We previously had been using equipment from the marina but this is the first “mission” for our new telehandler and we are very excited to have it.

We have to mock all of the pieces up and ensure that everything lines up properly before making the final welds to make the separate pieces become one. When we were lining everything up we ran into a few problem areas where things didn’t match as well as they needed to so we will have to do a little bit of reengineering and make a few adjustments to get everything lined up properly.

Luckily the adjustments shouldn’t be too difficult to sort out and hopefully, this unit will be complete in about three weeks’ time. Once we finish with TriPod base #2, we will move on and start assembling the third floating base, repeating the same process over again.

Having these floating bases ready to go will be important for when we have a finished Pod ready to mount on them. That day is quickly approaching so everyone is working hard to make sure that all of the projects and directions that we are working on will all end up at the same endpoint. We will hopefully have this base in the water soon!

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