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UAV Drone Delivery Project Interview

UAV Drone Delivery Project Interview

Here we have an interview with Connor about the autonomous drone delivery project that we have been working on. This system will be autonomous and won’t require drone pilots, it will be operated by an artificial intelligence system that we are developing which will allow the constant learning of the area as well as patterns. The AI will constantly be improving itself as it is used. This will allow the drones to take off from land, deliver your items to the SeaPod, and return to its charging port on land all on its own.

The unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV for short is a hexacopter drone that is able to fly and hover similarly to a helicopter. While being much smaller than a helicopter and much bigger than a commercial drone, we will have the benefits of being able to carry a heavier payload over a further distance as well as being small enough to not require a human pilot on board as well as land on the SeaPod if needed.

With the nature of the SeaPod being a floating home that is away from the shore we don’t have roads that can take us there. In order to get to land, we will have to take our small boat back to the marina. We didn’t want those living in the SeaPod to have to get into their boat and drive back and forth to the marina to pick up a delivery.

The drone provides a solution to this since it will bring the delivery to you, no roads needed. If you want to order a pizza one night and you don’t feel like taking the boat back to the marina to wait for the delivery guy to drop it off, then we can bring it to you. You can use our mobile ordering app to initiate your order, the delivery guy will load it into the drone at the marina, and it will take off and bring your pizza to you without you ever having to leave your couch.

Of course, this isn’t solely a pizza delivery drone, we can leverage this system to deliver almost anything that you need so long as the drone can carry it. One of the most important things about this drone is that it could deliver medicine or life-saving medical supplies to someone who is having a medical emergency in the SeaPod. Instead of risking taking the boat back during an emergency or waiting for someone to come to you, the drone would be able to bring you what you need much quicker.

This system also doesn’t have to be limited to those who are in their SeaPod. Those who may be traveling by boat near a marina where we are operating could use the system to deliver food or supplies to their boat without having to come to shore. The drones could also be used to ship small packages from the SeaPod back to land or even across larger distances like to a different city granted that it is within the range of the drone.

We are always open to help from those who may have something to add to this project. If you feel that you have knowledge about a subject that could improve this project, then feel free to reach out on the Contribute page on the Ocean Builders website. We look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to lend us a hand in creating this revolutionary technology!

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