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Underwater Window Frame near completion

Underwater Window Frame near completion

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We are excited to share that the window frame for the underwater room is nearing completion. This window will offer a 1-meter wide view from the underwater room out into the beautiful sea.

The frame itself is made of steel and took about two and a half years to get from the first design to the point where it is almost finished. Our manufacturers have been making great progress and have all of the structural aspects of the frame completed.

Now, the only things left to do are to do a little bit of surface finishing and then ship it to us here at the factory. Once it gets delivered, we can put our acrylic window prototype into the frame and see how everything fits and then proceed with testing.

We have a second window frame that is being produced and should be finished shortly after the first. We really took our time and did lots of digital testing on the design so hopefully, the first one is where we need it to be and we won’t have to make too many changes to the second one.

We are very excited to bring this underwater room to life and we love bringing you along on the journey!

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