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Installing EcoPod Ceiling Supports

Installing EcoPod Ceiling Supports

Now that the roof is in place, it is time to get working on the ceiling and everything that will go in between the roof and the ceiling. One crucial piece is the supports that will help hold the ceiling panels in place.

We are making the supports in a grid pattern similar to what would be used to hang drywall ceilings in a building with metal studs. This pattern gives us lots of surface area to connect with so that everything stays safe and secure where it should be.

Getting this grid in place will be a big step toward installing the ceiling panels. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on some marine-grade wiring that has not arrived yet. We need to run all of the wire and get everything that is above the ceiling done before we close it all in, so this wiring is holding us up a little bit.

Nevertheless, things are going at a quick pace and the EcoPod should be getting its ceiling very very soon. We basically work from the top down when doing the interior finishing so once we get the ceiling done, the real work on the interior of the EcoPod will begin!

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