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Visit from Ministry of Environment

Visit from Ministry of Environment

We recently hosted some members of the Ministerio de Ambiente which is Panama’s National Environmental Ministry whose goal is to protect, preserve, conserve, and restore the environment here in Panama so that future generations can enjoy a healthy and sustainable ecosystem in this ecologically vibrant Central American country.

We had eight members from the ministry visiting from three different offices to check out the work that we are doing here at the Factory. They were very pleased with our water recycling abilities. Most boats and ships simply dump the toxic waste from their toilet systems into the ocean with an “out of sight, out of mind” way of thinking. That simply isn’t an option for us since we refuse to damage the ecosystem like that.

We went over the different processes for recycling water in the SeaPod as well as our plans for the incinerator toilet and they were very pleased to hear that we are holding our standard of being eco-friendly so high. We had a great conversation about some different ideas and solutions that we are working on and everything was very positive and productive.

We also had the chance to take them down to the water and show them the full-size floating base that we currently have in the water. They were very impressed with how big the structure is as well as all of the work that we have been and will be doing. It was a great meeting and we will be continuing to collaborate with them over the coming months and years to not only make sure that our project is eco-friendly, but also help promote sustainable living here in Panama.

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