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EcoPod Subfloor panel assembly

EcoPod Subfloor panel assembly

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We are back at the factory with Grant who is giving us an update on the assembly of the subfloor panels for the EcoPod. We have 10 of the 26 panels mounted so far and we are liking what we are seeing. These panels are installed and will surround the center spar in wedges, sort of like pizza slices. You can see more about how this will be assembled in this post about the mock-up tests.

Once all of the panels are mounted to the spar, we will have the bottom bowl shape of the EcoPod put together and ready for the floor beams. These beams will span from the center spar to the top of the “bowl” to tie everything together as one and give it the strength needed to support the floor and all of the weight in the EcoPod. The floor beams will support the floor panels which will give us the actual floor surface within the home.

The green strings that you can see represent the level where the floor beams will span. This will create a bit of open space underneath the floor which will be able to be used as storage. The center spar will be what we use to attach the home pod to the floating base. It will slide over the center spar of the floating base and be attached there to hold the weight at the perfect level above the water.

We are working hard on several projects here at the factory so we will have plenty of updates coming soon. We are moving quickly toward getting both the first SeaPod and the first EcoPod prototypes in the water. We will be sure to keep you updated along the way so we hope you are enjoying following along with this adventure!

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