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Fine Details on Bottom of SeaPod Mold

Fine Details on Bottom of SeaPod Mold

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As we move towards the actual production of the SeaPod, we will have to work out the kinks in the molds. You can see here that we have all 16 pieces of the mold for the bottom of the SeaPod mounted together.

Before we can actually use the mold and start laying fiberglass inside of it, we have to do a bit more finishing work. We want to work on the fine details of the mold because the final product will be an exact mirror of the mold, so any imperfections in the mold will carry over to the product. We are taking a bit of time to go over everything one last time and make sure that everything is as close to perfect as we can get it.

After we get the mold smoothed out to our liking and ready to go, we have to apply a layer of mold release wax. This wax acts as a barrier between the mold and the product. If we applied the layers of fiberglass and resin without first applying the wax to the surface of the mold, then the fiberglass and resin would bond to the mold and be almost impossible to remove without damage. The mold release gel does exactly what its name implies, helps the molds release from the final product.

The mold will actually start to absorb some releasing gel as it is worked into the mold surface over time and with repeated use so, in theory, the entire process should get easier and easier with time. We are taking things slowly and being very cautious so that we don’t damage the mold but we will be putting it to work very soon so check back soon for some updates about how it goes!

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