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Wireless Charger Update

Wireless Charger Update

We have created our own wireless charger that we can use within the SeaPod. As the world moves toward wireless charging technology, it is becoming more and more important to implement it into our everyday lives.

As seen in the video, our wireless charger has a ring of LED lights below the surface. These not only show you where to place your device but also they become brighter when charging starts so that you can see that everything is working properly.

The wireless charger will be integrated into the kitchen counter, the bathroom counter, the bedside table, and potentially other places so that you will have wireless charging available in several parts of the home. By integrating the charger into the surfaces that are already there, we are eliminating the need for a charging cable and electrical outlet.

For those who are concerned about EMF exposure, there will be the ability to deactivate the charger with a switch or button when not in use so there will be no EMF coming from it when it is not charging your devices. To reactivate the charger, simply flip the switch and you can start charging immediately.

With the ability to charge cell phones, tablets, wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and other devices, this is a feature that we feel will not only fit into the minimal aesthetic of the SeaPod but also reduce cable clutter that comes with traditional charging cables. We are always on a mission to find ways to remove switches and outlets, or at least keep them as hidden as possible to maintain the aesthetics of the home.

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