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Bilge Pump Integration into the home automation software

Bilge Pump Integration into the home automation software

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Here we have Omer giving us a demonstration of how the bilge pump will integrate with the home automation system that is at the core of the SeaPod. He shows us a preview of what the data that you will be able to see in the app will look like.

The home automation app will serve as the central hub to control everything from your projector to your lights to your shower. While the app will be most often used for controlling things around the home, it will also be a useful tool to monitor the different processes that are happening in the SeaPod, such as the bilge pump.

The bilge pump will operate in conjunction with a pressure differential sensor that relays information back to the brain computer. When the computer sees that there is water in the bilge, it will tell the bilge pump to turn on.

The sensor uses the water pressure that it is reading to determine how much water there is. If there is more water in the bilge then the sensor will be in deeper water and thus there will be more water pressure. This pressure change is how it determines the amount of water in the bilge.

The app will give feedback on the current state of the water level. It gives a simple graphic that shows how much water is in the bilge. It also shows the status of the pump and tells us if it is running or not. This is a fully automated system so under normal conditions this is simply to allow you to monitor what is going on automatically.

We can see Omer is demonstrating the way that the sensor and the pump work together with the app. He has a bucket of water that the sensor is submerged in. When the sensor is underwater, it shows the depth of the water in the app and it also shows that the pump is running.

When he pulls the sensor out of the water, it shows that the water level is lower and the pump stops. Of course, the sensor will be mounted in a stationary location in the bilge but this is an easy way to quickly demonstrate how it responds when the water level changes.

This system will be an important part of keeping the SeaPod floating above the water so we are very excited to see that everything is communicating and operating exactly how it should!

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