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Company Celebration for the Launching of the SeaPod

Company Celebration for the Launching of the SeaPod

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A few days ago, it was “Party Time” for the Ocean Builders’ team as we were celebrating the launch of the SeaPod. I tell you what, it was needed and well deserved!

We have been working so hard in the last few years, and very, very intensively in the past weeks, that we had to do something for everyone to acknowledge how far we’ve gone. From the emergency floating system, to the spiral staircase, we’ve had a lot of work ahead of this launch. You know how it is when you are working on a fast-paced project: there is always a risk not to take the time to celebrate achievements, and by not doing so, to forget them!

That’s why we all gathered on the beach around a big bonfire, drums, food and…a few drinks. But don’t worry, no hangovers were reported (what happens in Panama stays in Panama anyway), and we are now back to a full-on working schedule to make sure that we meet our deadlines. Indeed, despite such an important milestone as the launching of the SeaPod, we are far from done.

It’s really important that you watch the video below until the end so that you can put faces to the wonderful human beings joining forces to make the Pods happen.

Congratulations to us!

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