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Loading Appliances into the SeaPod

Loading Appliances into the SeaPod

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Today, Grant is supervising the loading of the Pods appliances. That’s right, when it comes to that stage of the project, something feels like the end is near! But it’s going to be a major operation.

If you lived in an apartment, chances are that you bought appliances for you to have all the convenience needed in the comfort of your home. So you had strong friends or the help of the vendor’s delivery servicemen. Either way, you saw how hard it was to get it inside your home, even more if you were unlucky to only have stairs.

Fortunately for the Ocean Builders team, we have the telehandler. For quite a few hours, we have been lifting up high in the air, then into the Pod the fridge, washing machine, dryer, or even the smart toilet.

Not only does working in height with heavy equipment always come with potential risks, there’s also the risk of damaging the patio doors or the Pods’ edge itself if the operator isn’t careful enough. But he is, and has been very successful in using this awesome telehandler for quite some time now.

With all the additional weight we are putting inside, we have to be careful about not breaking the Pod’s weight limit. That’s why we will be playing around with the concrete we put inside the spars, and offloading all the construction equipment we used in the Pod.

The goal is really to install everything within the kitchen cabinets and other areas, and make it look as pristine as possible.

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