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Preparing for Launch: Spiral Staircase Painted and Ready to use

Preparing for Launch: Spiral Staircase Painted and Ready to use

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Our big global launch event is coming up very soon and we are working hard to get everything ready. One of the recent accomplishments by our team was to get the spiral staircase inside of the center spar installed and painted.

This spiral staircase will serve as the main entry point into the Pods. The main door will be on the side of the spar, you can see the cutout in the video below. After you go through the door you will walk up the spiral staircase and that will bring you into the home.

This will be a pretty high-traffic area that will be exposed to salt water so we wanted to be sure that the stairs would be able to survive years of use and abuse. The paint looks great but its main job is to protect the metal from corrosion. These stairs could become weakened and unsafe if we let them corrode so protecting them is crucial.

Having the stairs installed and finished allows us to move on so that we can get this floating TriPod base ready to go. We still have lots of work to do, but the crew is working hard to get it done. The pieces are really starting to come together now so be sure to stay tuned!

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