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Delivery Drone 6 – Digital Twin

Delivery Drone 6 – Digital Twin

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Here we have what we are calling the “digital twin” of our first delivery drone build. This digital rendering is an exact image of what the drones will look like, down to the millimeter. We can use this model to 3D print individual pieces and see how everything fits together.

This is essentially what the finished product will look like. You can see that it has a white dome covering the electronics. This protects the electronics and also makes the drone more aerodynamic. You can see the six arms with propellers, the camera, the infrared sensor, the landing gear, and all of the components.

The mechanism on the first version is different than this model because we are testing different mechanisms to pick up, carry, and drop the payload. Using this 3D model, we can put different mechanisms on the digital model to see how everything will fit and work with the other components. As we move forward, we will determine the best mechanism for what we need. We are also working on a few different box designs to determine what will be the best option to work with our mechanisms and also fit the things that we want to be able to carry on the drone.

As all of these things come together we are getting closer to our launch and we are very excited to share everything with you and hope to put on an exciting show very soon!

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