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Drinkable Water System

Drinkable Water System

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The drinkable water system in the SeaPod is a complex system where the water goes through several steps. One of the biggest problems with desalination through reverse osmosis is that it strips the water of all of the minerals and leaves you with what is called “technical water” that doesn’t have the minerals that the body needs.

It might sound weird at first, humans should not drink totally clean water. Our body needs certain minerals that are naturally found in water, so if we strip those then your body will not be getting what it needs. Another thing about technical water is that it will leech those minerals from the body when you drink it, so not only are you not gaining any from the water, the water is actually taking some out of you and leaving you with less than you had before.

With all of the health benefits of living by the ocean, we didn’t want to make our drinking water negate any of those so we made a system to put the minerals back into the water. The seawater first is desalinated which takes everything out of the water, including the good things. Then, we add the minerals that are healthy for us back into the water after the filtration. This process is constantly monitored to ensure that the proper amount of minerals is being added back into the water at a safe level.

You can see in the video below how the water system will work. The main kitchen sink has a smaller tap next to the main one. The main tap is used for washing dishes or your hands and has more minerals than are safe to drink. The smaller tap is the water that has been treated to our drinking standard. So when you want to drink water, you simply turn on the drinking tap and fill your glass.

In the app, you can turn on the water chiller when you want to, which will take the room temperature water and chill it as it is moving through the system, giving you a nice crisp cold glass of water that is safe and healthy for you to drink. This complex system will take the unlimited amount of seawater and turn it into safe drinking water for a truly off-the-grid experience.

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