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SeaPod Air Conditioning

SeaPod Air Conditioning

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The SeaPods and EcoPods will be deployed primarily in warm, humid climates like you will find here in Linton Bay, Panama where our factory is. In order to combat the heat from the sun and keep things comfortable inside the home, we wanted to have an air conditioning system that could handle the climate control job in this climate. Omer is back to give us an overview of how the air conditioning system will work.

Like most aspects of the SeaPod, the air conditioner is controlled through the home automation app. All of the controls and adjustments are in the app and can be accessed from the mounted tablets or from your smartphone. The app interface for the air conditioner system is fairly simple and straightforward. You have an indicator that will tell you if the system is on or off, a power button, a temperature up and down button, and the fan adjustments.

Much like an air conditioner in a normal home, you can set the temperature and the system will automatically cool the room to that temperature and then maintain that temperature. The fan has an automatic setting where it will adjust itself to the current needs or you can manually turn it up or down if you want more or less airflow.

The system works by pulling the hot air from the room through the filter and into the system. The system then cools the air as it moves across the cold pipes containing the refrigerant before blowing it back into the room. As the air cycles through the system, it will bring the average temperature in the room down to your desired temperature. The system is designed to work with either saltwater or freshwater so it can utilize the virtually unlimited supply of water in the ocean and preserve your freshwater when it is running low.

Of course, we wanted and needed this to be as efficient as possible so each room will have its own air conditioner system. This will allow you to only cool the rooms that you are using instead of cooling the entire home like a typical central air conditioning system. The fans are very efficient and powerful so they won’t drain too much electricity. The power for the controller is delivered by “Power Over Ethernet” connections which provide power and data through the same cable, reducing the need for extra clutter.

This system is powerful enough to keep the home cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Coupled with the white exterior of the home, the tinted windows, and the ability to utilize the ocean breeze, our homes will always be at the right temperature with just the press of a button.

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