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EcoPod Window Production Updates

EcoPod Window Production Updates

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We have an exciting update to bring you about the production of the windows for the EcoPod. The first set of flat windows that will separate the kitchen and living room area from the patio is finished and should be heading our way very soon.

When closed, these windows will provide a beautiful view from the living area of the EcoPod. We have a single door that can operate independently if you want to go in or out from the patio quickly. Or for the more exciting option, these windows can open in an accordion style and fold away to one side giving you a large open area.

One of the biggest benefits of living in places like Panama is spending time enjoying the beautiful tropical climate. These windows allow you to turn your kitchen and living area into what is basically an open-air living space by folding away the windows/doors that create the exterior wall. This will allow you to enjoy the breeze while staying inside under the cover of your roof if it is raining or if you want some shade. This will also help keep your electricity usage down since you can turn off that air conditioner and enjoy the natural ocean breeze.

We think you are really going to enjoy having the option to open your wall and turn your living room into an outdoor room. We expect to see many naps taken while the sun is overhead and the ocean breeze is passing through the EcoPod. Now that is set of flat windows is completed we will begin work on the curved windows that will be used in a different section of the EcoPod. Be on the lookout for updates about the windows and all of the other parts of the EcoPod that we are working on.

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