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Embedded NFC Demo

Embedded NFC Demo

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Ocean Builders “Nerd Team” played with a new toy to make life even more convenient in the Pods: embedded FSC technology. We love it, and so will you!

Many of you are familiar with Near Field Communication (NFC), a popular wireless technology used for mobile payment systems. By allowing users to pay for items simply by tapping an NFC tag against another device, our lives just become simpler.

The logic is easy. NFC works by emitting radio waves through your phone’s antenna, which then interact with the tag. As you can see on the video, the process is very smooth. When the tag comes into contact with the reader, the information is sent to the server, where it can be processed and stored when necessary.

Whether you want to make a purchase, activate the door to enter the Pod or take a shower, our NCF receivers will be there to help you in these tasks. It will be made even easier when using the Smart Ring.

To make sure that the interaction between the card or tag we waved on top of the receiver was as neat as possible, we embedded the receiver as close to the surface of tables and walls. Easy!

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