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Wazebo Assembly and center table

Wazebo Assembly and center table

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Appetiser, dinners and more will soon be at reach on the SeaPod’s Wazebo area as we are putting the final touch to this side of the project.

We’ve been working a lot on this because we had to design everything from scratch. A gazebo isn’t a new thing, but a “Wazebo” definitely is!
It is aimed at being installed at the edge of one of the three TriPod spars, with the other two to welcome the hot tub and the solar array.

We finished the benches a few days ago and, after a bit of polishing and adjusting, we managed to assemble them on the platform. You can see that our team is still very busy adding a few details and making sure that everything is ready for liftoff.
We’re overreaching a bit in saying that because we’re not installing the Pod in Space (yet!), but if you looked at how challenging it was to move huge parts of the Pod here and there, you know that it is a complicated operation. Indeed, we need to find the right spots to attach the cables, and find the right balance for the whole thing to be carried to the Pod safely. We don’t have time to make another version of anything we’re making so fingers crossed, we’re as successful with this operation as we’ve been with everything else so far.

The Wazebo is going to be the ultimate hangout spot. You’ll be just a meter above the water and have seating for more than 25 people with plenty of open space to enjoy some yoga or meditation. We are still busy in the workshop with the table that’s going to be the centerpiece of the Wazebo area for you and your friends to enjoy a nice dinner and a bottle of wine while, or to start your day with a filling breakfast. It’s definitely a huge table so we’re not joking about how many people will be able to be around.

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