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Factory Update For SeaPod Molds

Factory Update For SeaPod Molds

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We have an update from the factory regarding the production of our SeaPod molds. We are moving forward with the process of applying the tooling gel coat to the positive mold which will give us the surface of our negative mold.

The process of adding the coat of tooling gel is very important. Tooling gel acts as a super-hard surface that will give our mold the durability that is required to be used many many times. The tooling gel will take the shape of whatever it is applied to, so our surface has to be perfect.

To get the surface of our positive mold to be perfect, we have to essentially polish it. Since we need the surface to be super smooth, we have been using a combination of different tools to achieve that. In the video below, we are using water and super-fine grit sandpaper to remove any final blemishes on the surface.

Once the surface is as smooth as we can get it, we will apply the tooling gel. On top of the tooling gel, we will add several layers of fiberglass. Once everything has time to properly cure, we will pop the layers of tooling gel and fiberglass off of the positive mold and we will be left with a positive mold that gives us an exact mirror of the shape of the SeaPod.

The creation of the molds is a fairly lengthy process and is not something that can be rushed because it needs to be absolutely perfect. If the molds have any deformations or imperfections, then we will need to redo that section.

Once we have a fully completed mold, we can begin to produce the exterior panels of the SeaPod. As we continue to build more molds, we will be able to ramp up our production numbers as well. We are steadily moving closer to building our first completed SeaPod!

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