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Implementing Curved Features In The SeaPod

Implementing Curved Features In The SeaPod

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The design of the SeaPod features many dramatic curves. While these curves are beautiful, unique, and bring a more natural flow of energy within the home, they also come with a significant challenge when it comes to construction. One of the difficulties with being unique is that there are many things that have never been done before, so we must be innovative and find our own solutions to these problems.

Traditional walls have been built the same way for decades, everyone knows how to do them. For these curved walls and features, we had to find our own way to build them so that they would be structurally sound. Our original thoughts were to utilize 3D printing to print sections that would be used to create molds for each piece.

After quite a bit of brainstorming and throwing around some ideas, our development team in South Africa, which is led by Hannes came up with the idea of using a corrugated cardboard honeycomb-like material to shape the sections. The first step of shaping the cardboard is getting it wet, which allows it to be malleable so that we can bend them to the shapes that we need.

When the cardboard is molded into the desired shape then it is impregnated with a resin which once hardened, leaves us with a super rigid and strong skeleton or frame of the curve. We can then apply fiberglass and tooling gel to the outside to give it the smooth surface that we need.

Another benefit of using this honeycomb-like material is that we can fill the holes in the material with foam which will provide both thermal and sound insulation to help keep your SeaPod quiet and cool.

By using this method, we can fully customize the interior walls of the SeaPod by adding shelves or designs into the shape of the wall. This will allow the customer to add shelves wherever they would like to have them while staying in the curvy and wavy theme of the overall design of the SeaPod.

This method took quite a bit of time and effort to come up with, but it is just another example of the ways that we are innovating and designing our own solutions as we pave the way toward the future and toward reaching our goals.

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