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Final Subfloor Section of SeaPod Eco #2 ready

Final Subfloor Section of SeaPod Eco #2 ready

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The guys have been making some serious progress on the subfloor section for SeaPod Eco Unit #2! As you can see in the video below, the crew is wrapping up some finishing work on the final section and it’ll be installed with the rest of the sections this afternoon!

It takes quite a bit of work to get these sections ready to go. We start with the molds where we make each individual piece. After they are removed from the molds, we have to do some finishing work on the surface to get them smoothed out and to remove any imperfections. We start by sanding the entire section until smooth and then polishing the piece to get it as perfect as we can. This process is tedious and can take a while but overall, we save a ton of time since we are reusing the same molds and the things learned from the first unit.

Building the molds is incredibly time-consuming so the first unit will always take longer due to the mold-building process. While it isn’t easy for the next ones, it is much easier since we know what to expect and have the molds ready to go.

As we said, this final section should be installed this afternoon and then we can begin to move on to the next step of building the second SeaPod Eco unit!

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