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Production on SeaPod Eco #2 has begun!

Production on SeaPod Eco #2 has begun!

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Things are rolling again here at the factory now that we have started the production process on the second SeaPod Eco unit. We are delighted with the first unit that everyone got to check out at the global launch and now it is time to get the second one built.

As you can see here, we are finishing up the subfloor sections that create the bottom bowl of the structure. These 26 pieces go together like pieces of a pie or a pizza to make the round shape that you see on the bottom of the Pod. These pieces will be attached to each other and then to the center spar which is where much of the structural strength comes from. The floor sections then stretch from the center spar to the top of the subfloor to create the basement which houses all of the engineering equipment.

This will be another SeaPod Eco model but it will have some differences compared to the first unit. This is an ever-evolving project so we will be making small adjustments as we grow and learn how to improve our designs. That being said, there will be some significant differences due to the fact that this unit will be a deep-water SeaPod. Some things, especially the base, will look different because having a SeaPod in water that is deeper than 30 meters(100ft) is a new goal with new challenges.

As always, we are confident in our team and we can’t wait to see their success on the SeaPod Eco Deep-Water model! Stay tuned for more info and more details about the changes that we have to make to bring the SeaPod into deeper water.

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