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Finishing Production of The Last Roof Quarter

Finishing Production of The Last Roof Quarter

We have been working on the EcoPod roof for the past few weeks and we are now finishing up production on the final section of the inner disk. The video below shows the process that the crew has to do to release each section from the mold.

These 1.3cm fiberglass sections have an extremely tight fitment in the molds and the adhesive nature of working with fiberglass resin makes everything stick together. We apply a layer of releasing gel on the mold to help this process go a little easier, but it just requires a bit of muscle to make it happen.

First, we tap the surface with rubber mallets to help break things loose. This usually gives us just enough of a gap to start driving wooden wedges in between the roof section and the mold. We do this process gradually so that we can spread the pressure out across the whole piece without breaking anything.

We repeat the process and use gradually larger wedges until we get the fiberglass to pop out of the mold. Now that we have the fourth and final section completed, we can do the finishing work on the surface and get it assembled and installed with the outer ring of the roof. We are making great progress on the EcoPod so be sure to stay on the lookout for more updates soon!

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