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Near Completion

Near Completion

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We have been working on the second floating TriPod base for a few months and we are finally nearing the completion of it. Our first TriPod base has been in the water for some time now so we are excited to get the second one finished.

You can see in the video below that all of the major structures are in place and the crew is working on the final weld for the top section. The weld on the top section will take most of a day and then we have another weld that we need to make on one of the side spars which will take another full day.

In the video, you can see that the guys are turning bolts on the structure. These bolts have a bracket that is welded onto the side of the spar and then the bolts are turned to move the steel very slightly so that we can get everything lined up right. We will then go back and remove these brackets after the final welds are completed.

This second base went much more smoothly than the first, and we didn’t even have a full crew working on it as we did for the first one. This one went 400-600% faster than the first one since we were able to apply the lessons learned from the first base and apply them here. We also have some specialized tools on the way that will make this process move even faster.

As big as this structure looks in the video, it feels even bigger when you are standing next to it. This one is a little bit smaller than the first base. We made the outriggers a little bit shorter but gave them a bigger diameter to make up for the buoyancy difference so it will still float the same and be able to hold the same amount of weight.

This base is looking great so far and we will be moving it into the final completion stages and hopefully, it’ll be in the water very soon!

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