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EcoPod Roof Assembly Part Two

EcoPod Roof Assembly Part Two

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Connor is coming to us from the factory with an update on the assembly of the first EcoPod roof. We previously had an update from Grant about the progress of the outer ring and now we are making progress on the center portion which will have more utility than just a normal roof.

To start, we couldn’t make a perfectly flat roof because we didn’t want rainwater to pool up on top of the EcoPod, so the options were to make a slope that would run the water off and into the ocean, or make it slope inward so that we could capture that water… you can probably guess which one we picked.

So, if you guessed that we made the roof into a water-capturing system then you are correct! This system will catch the rainwater and funnel it into the center of the roof where it will go down the collection pipes and be filtered and mineralized to be usable as clean drinking water.

The Pod Porthole will be in the center of the roof which will give some sunlight to the interior and also serve as the roof access from the interior. The roof isn’t perfectly flat because of the slight slope needed to drain the water, but it is flat enough to have some utility. We will be able to land our delivery drone and drop packages on the roof and land small helicopters and other aircraft that fit the weight limit.

Utility is always something we prioritize because we are working with limited space and need to make the most of every inch that we have available, so finding multiple uses for something as typically boring as a roof was important to us. This roof is coming along nicely and should be mounted on top of the walls that we recently installed on our first EcoPod prototype very soon!

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