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First EcoPod Ceiling Panel Installed

First EcoPod Ceiling Panel Installed

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The first ceiling panel has been installed in the EcoPod! We completed the ceiling support grid and have now moved on to getting the panels installed. This ceiling ended up being almost exactly three meters tall and we are very happy with how roomy and open everything feels.

It will take us about a week to finish installing these panels throughout the house and then the windows will be installed shortly after. Once this happens, we can really go into full speed on finishing the interior of the EcoPod.

As we complete this stage in each room, we will close them off to help reduce traffic through them and hopefully avoid any accidental damage. The crews have been working hard on doing the finishing work on the walls and that is coming along very well.

We still have a ton of work and a ton of details to finish in the EcoPod, but at this point, we can really see the progress that is happening every day. We are far from finished so we will keep working hard to get the job done! Getting the EcoPod into late-stage construction is a massive milestone and we hope you are as excited about it as we are!

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