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New Steel Department Production Phase 1

New Steel Department Production Phase 1

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We have another quick factory update about the beginning of the process of building a new home for our steel department. The steel department does all of the steel work to build the floating TriPod bases, spars, and any other metal work that needs to be done.

We started out with everyone working inside the main building but things quickly got cramped so the steel department ended up moving outside so that the fiberglass team could work inside. Steel is a little bit more forgiving to work on outdoors, but we still want to give them a new space where they can work without being in the rain or sun.

This area will be off the right side of the factory. For now, the construction consists of a roof and some electric hookups to run their equipment. This first room is almost big enough to build a complete underwater room, so they have plenty of room to work.

Eventually, we hope to expand even further and give them another enclosed area that will be at least as big as this one, but for now, we have all hands on deck working towards our official product launch that is quickly approaching. When we have the extra manpower and time, we will continue to expand this new workspace.

This will help move things along more quickly since the team won’t have to stop working during rain and they’ll also be more comfortable under the shade of this new roof. Our entire team works so hard for us so we want to do everything that we can to make them comfortable. If we have the capacity, we hope to start working on phase 2 of this project in about a month or so.

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