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Installing the Center Dock

Installing the Center Dock

After we finished protecting the center dock, it was time to get it installed on the center spar of our second floating TriPod base. We used our telehandler to lift the dock up and then like a giant game of ring toss, we had to get it around the center spar so that it could be lowered into place.

Once the dock is lowered into place, then the crew will make sure to line it up and make sure that it is rotated in the right direction, at the correct height, and is perfectly level. Once we get the dock where it needs to be, the crew will do some tack welds to hold it in place.

With the tack welds holding everything in place, we will go back and complete the final structural welds which will permanently attach the dock to the center spar and provide the structural strength needed to support the weight.

This dock will be your “front porch” when you walk out of the front door and will connect to the walkways that take you to the ends of the outriggers. We are moving closer to getting this second TriPod base into the water so stay tuned for more updates!

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