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First Test of Fiberglass Spray machine

First Test of Fiberglass Spray machine

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Grant is back with a quick video of the first test with our new fiberglass spray gun which is mounted on the fiberglass sprayer arm that we recently built. This new machine will increase the fiberglass portion of our construction process by as much as 10 times so we are very excited about it.

We previously had to lay out sheets of fiberglass and then apply the resin and roll everything out. This was very time-consuming and difficult to do in tight spaces. This gun is able to get a similar result in a much shorter time.

The gun works by feeding thin fiberglass strands which are sort of like a tape through the gun and out of the nozzle. There are blades within the gun that cut the fiberglass into small pieces before they are sprayed out. It also sprays resin at the same time as the fiberglass is coming out and everything mixes together on the surface.

After everything is sprayed, we just have to go back and roll everything out to make sure that it is smooth. As you can see in the video, we still have to calibrate everything to get the right mixture, but once everything is adjusted, we will be able to easily spray large areas with fiberglass.

This is so much faster and more efficient so it will make our construction process move much faster. We can’t wait to get everything calibrated so that we can start using this spray gun to help finish up the first SeaPod prototype!

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