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Fiberglass Sprayer Arm

Fiberglass Sprayer Arm

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The crew have been building a large arm that we can use with our fiberglass spray gun to help make the process go faster. This arm will be great for spraying large areas during production.

A good example of how this will help during production is when we have to make the huge “bowl” for the SeaPod roof. Previously we would have to lay each individual layer of fiberglass and then apply the resin and roll it out. This was a very tedious process that took a ton of time.

This new spray gun can simply spray those layers on and then we just have to roll it out. The challenge comes when working in a big bowl like this. We built this articulating arm to help support the weight so that we can simply spray the fiberglass from above. The arm is able to move and adjust to help us reach the areas that we need to spray.

This should make this process move up to 20 times faster at times, so we are going to save a ton of time and reduce the total time it takes to produce a SeaPod or EcoPod. When we reduce the total time, it means that we can produce homes at a quicker rate and pump out more homes in the same amount of time.

This system should be up and running in the next few days and we are very excited to use it. As we continue growing, we will continue finding new methods and new tricks to help things go along more quickly, smoothly, and efficiently and this is a great example of that.

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