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Speaker holes, Electrical Wiring and Ventilation Tube Installation

Speaker holes, Electrical Wiring and Ventilation Tube Installation

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Now that we have installed all of the ceiling panels installed, it is time to go back and cut out the holes for things like the multi-room audio speakers and get a bit more wiring done.

You can see in the video below some of what is happening in the bedroom. Grant is standing on the bed for reference and you can see the two speaker locations marked on the ceiling. The holes will be cut out and the speakers will be installed here so that you have great sound in bed. Also, you can see the square hole where the register for the air conditioning will be.

Almost all of the systems in the EcoPod are operated from the engineering room which is located in the basement of the home. This means that we need to get a ton of wires and water lines from their end-of-line locations around the house back down into the basement.

The second part of the video shows one of the spots that we are using as a chase to bring the electrical and water lines up from the basement. Specifically, this is the back of the shower so everything for the smart shower will be set up here so that the opposite side of the wall will be neat and clean having only the nozzles visible.

Getting the ceiling panels installed really marked a big moment for us and allowed us to get full swing into the final stages of construction for the EcoPod. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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