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Installing buoyancy chambers

Installing buoyancy chambers

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Today, we are installing the buoyancy chambers for the EcoPod!

Constructing a floating home poses a unique challenge, primarily centered around the requirement for adaptable buoyancy and customizable ballast. Unlike boats and ships, where achieving the desired water level is relatively straightforward, a floating home—especially one built on a TriPod base—demands a harmonious interplay between all three outriggers.

Buoyancy chambers are an integral component of marine and underwater structures.

They are compartments or spaces within a structure that are specifically designed to provide buoyancy or flotation. The primary purpose of buoyancy chambers is to displace enough water to offset the weight of the structure they are attached to, allowing it to float or maintain buoyancy.

This intricate coordination ensures not only precise positioning in the water but also the crucial aspect of maintaining overall equilibrium. That’s why this system will be working around the clock to make sure that your home is always levelled in the water. And since everything is automatic, all you have to do is kick back and enjoy your life above the waves!

An ingenious automatic leveling system has been developed, equipped with an extensive network of sensors strategically placed throughout the structure. These sensors diligently monitor the precise orientation of the floating home within the water. To achieve optimal balance and stability, each of the three outer spars is furnished with its own ballast tank, intelligently controlled by pumps. When necessary, these tanks can be filled or emptied with water, facilitating precise adjustments to maintain the desired positioning of the home on the water surface.

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