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Launching the TriPod on the Water

Launching the TriPod on the Water

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The big day is finally here! It’s time to launch the floating TriPod base into the water. This is quite a complex task but we have a great team and a great lift operator to make it all happen.

We started out by finishing up the last small details and getting the base strapped into the lift. Getting this done the night before made for a quicker and easier task the following morning when we actually moved the base. We got everything hooked up and ready to go this evening and it will be go-time in the morning!

The following morning we ran into a small issue with the travel lift and we had to use our telehandler to help support the weight while we got it sorted out. The issue ended up being a dirty valve that was able to be cleaned and we got it working well enough to do the job. Our crane operator Jim was confident that while it isn’t ideal, we could still use the crane to get the TriPod in the water.

Once we get this TriPod in the water, then it is time to get the EcoPod mounted on top of the spar so we want to take our time and make sure that everything is good to go before we do the much more delicate job tomorrow. We are to the point where we won’t have enough time to fix any major blunders so we need everything to go perfectly!

Part 2 of this first launch day will share the rest of the process so check it out!

We were able to overcome the issues that we ran into during Part 1 and we got the ball rolling to launch this TriPod base into the water. This process went a lot smoother than the one that we launched last year. This new version is two meters shorter on each outrigger and we didn’t have as many obstacles to maneuver around so everything was easier from the start.

This is a huge day for us not only because we are launching this TriPod base but because we are launching a new way of living on the water! This base will be the first one to have a Pod mounted on it so in a sense, this TriPod base is the foundation for the vision that we have of people living sustainably on the ocean all around the world. Hopefully, this new way of life can shift humans from the sustainable life that we have been living on land to a more sustainable lifestyle on the seas.

As far as getting the base in the water, it takes some slow and steady work to get everything aligned. We just have to take our time so that everything goes smoothly. Our crane operator Jim has plenty of experience and definitely knows what he’s doing. Once the lift is aligned with the lanes, we can start to drive the lift over the water.

We drove it out over the launch area and lowered it down when we got to the end. Once it is floating on its own, we can take the straps off and let the TriPod float freely in the water. We will add water to the outer spars to sink the TriPod a little bit so that we can get the EcoPod mounted tomorrow. Each spar can hold about 3 tons of water so that gives us plenty of weight that we can use to hold the base a little bit lower.

This was a big step, but we have an even bigger step happening tomorrow when we get the EcoPod officially mounted on top of this floating base. The homestretch is in sight and we are working full steam ahead!

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