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SeaPod Kitchen Sliding Doors

SeaPod Kitchen Sliding Doors

The SeaPod will have a large set of sliding doors that will open up what is basically a wall of glass between the kitchen and the patio area to turn the kitchen/dining area into an open-air room. We wanted to find a way to implement this to truly open up the space and let you really enjoy the breeze coming in from the ocean.

As with most aspects of the SeaPod, it wasn’t easy to bring this design to life. Flat sliding doors are simple to make, you can find them on millions of homes all around the world. Once you bring curves into the picture, everything becomes more complicated.

Making curved glass of this size is not easy, but it is doable. The thing is that the glass isn’t the only thing that has to be curved. The window frames also have to have the same curve, and then the tracks have to match that curve so that everything can slide smoothly. It involves a ton of precision to make sure that everything works together without binding.

We have found a company that was able to produce this curved sliding door design and they are nearly completed with the first set that will be installed in our SeaPod prototype. These doors are not small, and the curves made it difficult, but they were successful.

Everything should be shipping to us soon so we will be receiving this sliding door set up very shortly. Once we get it, we can start the work of getting everything mounted and installed on the prototype, and then we will have a beautiful wall of glass that will easily slide open so that you can enjoy your morning coffee while watching the sun rise from your open-air home on the water!

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