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Pod Admin Panel Updates (June)

Pod Admin Panel Updates (June)

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Here we have a quick update on the Pod Admin Panel which is what the administrators will use to manage the computer and monitoring systems of each pod. This update shows a few things that we have been working on.

The first part we have been polishing is the notification system. This will allow the admin to send a push notification to the smartphone or tablet of the people who are using the Pod Home Assistant system.

This could be used to relay messages about an update, sent a blanket communication like an emergency message, or just keep people updated on what is going on. The system also allows the admin to save the notification as a draft or select certain people to send the notification to. So far, Android is working great but we still have a little work to do for Apple devices.

The second thing that we want to work out is having single sign-on credentials for all of the Ocean Builders services. We want every user to just have to make one account that can be used for everything from the Ocean Builders website to the Home Assistant app. We want to make life easier for everyone where we can, so this will help simplify things.

The third piece is getting the drone tracking app working on the backend. This will track the location of our delivery drone and be able to display the parameters like speed, altitude, direction, pitch, and more. This will be very important when it comes to monitoring the drone since it will be operating autonomously without a pilot.

These pieces are all coming together nicely. We want to thank Asad and Leon for their help with the push notifications and Omer for his work with the delivery drone. Everything that we do is a huge team effort so it is great to see everyone working together and making the magic happen!

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