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Pod Door Production

Pod Door Production

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The SeaPod door has been quite the journey thus far, but we finally have found a good footing and we are making progress toward having these doors in full production. Through vendor changes, design changes, and everything else that we have been battling, we think we have found what we are looking for.

The default door for the Pod homes will be a solid metal hatch style door but we will have the option to include a large polycarbonate window that will be easy to see out of but not allow others to look inside. This will be an option for those who would like to have it. All of the doors will have an automated lock system so that you can easily lock or unlock your home from anywhere in the world.

One of the difficulties we had was finding an affordable vendor. Most marine companies that we inquired with quoted huge prices that were more than $10,000 per door. This was far more than we wanted it to be but it ultimately comes down to the fact that marine-grade things cost more. We didn’t need this door to be completely sealed and submersible so we went looking elsewhere.

This won’t be a watertight area anyway so the door doesn’t have to have a perfect seal because there will be water that gets in on a regular basis. So it was more important that the door would be able to drain the water out after it gets in. Since we don’t need a seal, we don’t need to pay for a full marine-grade door.

We found a vendor that can produce the doors that we need at a cost of about $3,000 for the mold and then another $3,000 for each door. This is much more affordable and feasible for us. We are hoping that things work out and we can end our search for door suppliers.

We had a supplier that started to build a few prototypes for us. We paid them for the materials and the labor and they started the work but then disappeared. We are currently working with our lawyers to at least get our materials back but that is just another hurdle in this relatively simple door that has turned into quite the up-and-down journey.

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