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Delivery Drone Build – 4 – Live View & Software Integration with Delivery Control Center

Delivery Drone Build – 4 – Live View & Software Integration with Delivery Control Center

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Here we have a demonstration from Omer to show what the live view camera can see and also the “control center” for the custom-built delivery drone. This system is designed to fly autonomously and land and takeoff from the SeaPod or EcoPod home. To do this, the drone has to be able to see where it is going since there will be no pilot at the controls.

To make this happen, we have a few different cameras and sensors. One is a Lidar(Light Detection & Ranging) sensor which will always be scanning the area below the drone to determine the distance to the ground or water and also to locate any objects or obstacles that might be there.

In addition to Lidar, the drone will utilize a camera that has an infrared filter so that the camera will be able to work during the day and at night. This camera will be the eyes of the drone and help locate the landing pad so that it can safely land. This system will be able to work in the dark so there should be no problems during the day or the night. This camera will produce a live feed that can be monitored remotely as the drone is in the air.

In addition to the cameras, the drone will be equipped with a GPS unit so that we can always see where the drone is during its flight. The control center will allow us to monitor everything that the drone is doing and seeing. It gives us a map to show the exact location as well as a bunch of stats like battery level, speed, altitude, voltage, distance, and more. This control center is important for making sure that everything is working properly during the flight.

All of these things will come together to create an autonomous system that will allow you to order a pizza, a bottle of wine, or even medicine with the touch of a button in the SeaPod app and have it delivered directly to your home without the need for boats. This project is coming together nicely so be on the lookout to see how the package testing went!

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