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Inside the SeaPod Central Hub

Inside the SeaPod Central Hub

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This is a quick little tour of the inside of the SeaPod central hub. This is the main point of contact where the three outriggers will meet in the middle as well as where the vertical central spar will be connected. This central hub will support all of the weight of the home so it is very important that we get everything right.

You can see that the outriggers will be mounted to the steel tubes that you can see here. Each one will hold one of the three arms of the TriPod. Going directly up will be the vertical center spar which will hold the actual Pod above the water.

We have to cut the holes out for the outriggers from the main center spar. After we do that, we assemble the core and weld these mounts for the outriggers in place. In addition to welding everything in place, we have also added extra steel braces and supports in various areas to give the hub more structural strength. Since these welds are so crucial to the overall strength of the TriPod base, we use ultrasonic weld testing to ensure that there are no mistakes that could become a problem later on.

These central hubs will be the main backbone that keeps everything floating in the water. The hub itself will be underwater as will the outriggers of the TriPod base and this is where the buoyancy and flotation will come from. These cores are essential to having a safe home so we are happy with how they have turned out so far. We expect to get the outriggers mounted in the coming months so that we can get our second and third floating bases in the water.

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