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Pod Watercraft and People Lifting Mechanism

Pod Watercraft and People Lifting Mechanism

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This was an idea that we had for lifting small watercraft like a jet ski, paddleboard, kayak, or a small boat from the water level up to the level of the Pod. In addition to watercraft, it could be also used to lift people from the water to the Pod.

This could have several uses like protecting your jet ski or paddleboard from theft, simply keeping them out of the water to reduce wear, or helping people who can’t take the stairs get into the Pod.

You could use it to bring your paddleboard or kayak inside for storage if you will be away for a few days. For example, if you have an electric surfboard or an electric hydrofoil, they will be heavy due to the batteries and it could be difficult to carry them up the spiral staircase.

It will use a winch system that uses pulleys to lift the platform from the water level up to the height of the Pod where you will be able to enter through an entrance that we will make on the side of the Pod. So far, the renders look good and we are confident with the design so we are going to start ordering parts so that we can start doing testing and get it into production.

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