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Unboxing Electric HydroFoil

Unboxing Electric HydroFoil

Similar to our new electric surfboard, here we have Grant walking us through the details of our new electric hydrofoil which is somewhat similar to the surfboard, but has some notable differences.

The surfboard simply moves across the surface of the water just like any normal watercraft. The hydrofoil is different because it has a fin that is submerged a few feet below the surface. When you start moving fast enough, the fin will actually lift the board off of the surface of the water and the wings on the fin will support the weight and you will glide about a foot above the water.

Typically, hydrofoils are pulled behind a boat or used when kite surfing but these electric hydrofoils add an underwater drive system on the bottom of the fin that will provide all of the propulsion that you need. This electric hydrofoil will operate independently and use batteries to power the system. There are gasoline-powered versions but we wanted to make sure that we aren’t making unnecessary carbon emissions so we opted to go with the more eco-friendly electric version.

Another cool benefit of a hydrofoil is that the board will be above the surface of the water instead of on it like a surfboard. So if the water is particularly choppy or rough, the board of the hydrofoil will be above the water so you will still get a smooth ride. The fin and drive system does have a pretty big underwater presence so it is important to know the area that you are riding in so that you don’t hit an underwater obstruction or the seafloor and potentially crash and injure yourself.

This electric hydrofoil and our electric surfboard will provide hours of fun on the water so for now, the only thing left to do is assemble all of the parts and get them into the water!

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