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Self Connecting Platforms

Self Connecting Platforms

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One of the limiting factors of living on the water is that your space is much more limited on land. You don’t have a yard that your kids can play in or that you can host a party in because your “yard” is the ocean. While that is a limit in one aspect, it opens the door for some really cool possibilities in other aspects.

Our idea for self-connecting platforms will allow you to create a usable space in the water near your SeaPod when you need it, and when you don’t need it, it won’t be cluttering up your area. You can simply summon the platform that you need and they will automatically connect to build the space that you want to have.

The modular design of the platforms means that you can connect different things together to create the ideal space. For example, if you want to host a party, you could have a bar platform, a dance floor platform, and a seating platform where people can sit to eat. This can be brought to your SeaPod and taken away when you are finished with it. On land, once you build a place like this then it won’t be moving.

The possibilities are endless but we will start small before scaling this technology to have bigger platforms. We could have things like a play area for kids, a BBQ platform, a yoga and meditation platform, and more. And since these have a modular design, you can connect them to create a bigger space. Down the road, it’s possible that we could have a movie theater platform that could move to different SeaPod “neighborhoods” on different nights or larger platforms that could host events like a wedding.

The platforms will have a propulsion system so they will be able to navigate where they need to go and then automatically connect with the other platforms so that all you have to do is “order” which ones you want and they will automatically come to your SeaPod and then leave when you are done.

One of the coolest things about this idea is that we don’t know what the end result will be because it will always be growing and evolving so it will be exciting to see where the ideas of everyone involved can take this technology. We are always looking for help to bring these ideas to life so if you feel that you have something that you could contribute, then feel free to submit an application through our Contribute page and check out the other projects that we are working on here on our Participate Now page.

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