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Aerial Tour of the Factory

Aerial Tour of the Factory

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We wanted to use our drone to show you around and give a bit of an aerial tour of the Ocean Builders factory so that you can see how things are laid out and better visualize what you see in the blog posts from the factory. Our factory is located in Linton Bay, Panama so we are in close proximity to where the first SeaPods will be launched.

You can see several of the projects that you have been reading about in the video below. Starting off we have a shot of the workhorse boats that will push SeaPods through the water. Next to them is one of our new storage containers.

Next, we move to the roof with a view of our new solar panels that provide electricity to the factory followed by a look inside of our building. You can see the bottom structure of the EcoPod and the molds for the bottom of the SeaPod followed by the first iteration of the EcoPod roof. You can see a few of the TriPod bases that we have been working on as well. And in the back, you can spot some of the steel tubes that we use to make outriggers and spars.

The offices are located in the white containers on the left side of the building and of course, the main work area is large and open to keep things cool while we are working. Everywhere you look has lush green trees and plants so the atmosphere here is fantastic.

We are very proud of our little factory and the huge leaps it is allowing us to take towards making seasteading commonplace all around the world.

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