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Special LED lighting

Special LED lighting

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Here we have Omer giving us a demonstration of the LED light strips that we will be using in the SeaPod and the app that will control them. The entire lighting system required a ton of research and testing, but we have found an option that will work perfectly for us.

Omer has two different LED light strips set up for this demonstration. On the left, you will see a standard LED strip that is typically used in homes. On the right we have the marine-grade LED strips that we will be using in the SeaPod. While these function basically the same, there are some very important differences.

He has both light strips hooked up to the SeaPod home automation app so that you can see how you will be making the adjustments in the app and how the lights will respond. The strips are set up to be controlled separately through the same app, similarly to how different rooms or areas of the SeaPod will be laid out.

Starting off you can see that you can easily adjust the white balance of the lights. You can have warmer whites that have more of a yellow or orange tint that is similar to the warm light of a sunset or sunrise. Warm light is more relaxing and soothing so it is better to use during the evening when you are getting ready for bed.

You can also set the light to a cool white which has a bit of a more blue tint. This is similar to the light that we get during the midday hours. Cool light is stimulating to the brain so it is good to use it during the day when you want to be alert and awake. With plenty of adjustments in between the extremes, you are sure to find the perfect tone.

You can also change the lights to any of the colors on the color wheel in the app. Anything from red to yellow to green to purple to blue. There are plenty of options and shades to pick from when setting the perfect mood.

Another important factor in the LED light strips is the ability to dim them. You can easily adjust the brightness with the slider in the app. So not only can you fine-tune the color tones, but you can also fine-tune the brightness. Whether you want to set a warm, dim light for dinner or colored light to fit the movie that you are watching, we have made it easy to get the exact light settings that you want with our app.

Now, when it comes to the difference between these light strips. The household strip has exposed controllers, connections, and LEDs. By our estimations, these would corrode and become unusable in about a year in the salty atmosphere on the SeaPod.

The marine-grade strips are sealed to IP-67 specs so nothing is exposed to the elements and we should not have to worry about corrosion. Since we made sure that these LED strips can handle high settings and won’t lose brightness over time, these light strips should last for years and years in the SeaPod.

This lighting system took a ton of research but it was important that we were able to balance brightness, color accuracy, longevity, corrosion resistance, and clean white tones. This wasn’t easy to do but we think it will pay off when you have the ability to fully customize the lighting in your home AND never have to change any more lightbulbs.

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