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TriPod Floatation Design Changes

TriPod Floatation Design Changes

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We take advantage of a beautiful sunset to take you through a few changes we have made on the TriPod floatation design.
It’s easy to understand, but the best way to explain everything to you is to go through a few diagrams, and thanks to Grant’s teacher mindset, it is actually very clear!

As you know, we had an issue during the SeaPod launch with a harmless tipping. Our SeaPod experienced a ballast tank and pumping system malfunction which caused flooding in the jacuzzi spar. This flooding quickly passed through to the other spars causing what we’re referring to as “The Tilt’.
Since we want to provide further safety, we have modified the spar sealing. Our design team worked out how we could avoid such an unfortunate event in the future.

To sum it up, we sealed previously opened portholes. Manholes located on each of the three outer spars, are now sealed. Specifically, they are all bolted at the top.
For extra safety, we also sealed them at the bottom, and added a third seal at the end of the spar, where it connects with the central spar.
With a total of 6 additional completely sealed compartments, there won’t be any risk for spars to flood, and seapods to tip.
That leaves an access port that remains unsealed but that sits several feet above the water so that we can access easily and check everything as part of the regular maintenance.

Problems always have a solution and we found what needed to be done to solve what had to be! Ocean Builders, one step further into offering the accommodation of your dreams!

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