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First public overnight experience

First public overnight experience

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A few days ago, we had the pleasure to welcome our very first guest on the SeaPod! Patti Zanin won our overnight giveaway on September 21st at the Day One Global Launch Event.

Patti is very familiar with our beloved sustainable mindset as she is managing business for Sprout.AI Solutions, which is an indoor vertical farming and technology startup. Patti was previously familiar with Linton Bay Marina and the local community, so our SeaPod offered an experiential opportunity of living here.

She was also in attendance at our Day Two Global Launch Event when the Pod tilted and submerged into the water, she was actually ON THE POD when it started happening and was very safe without harm. But in the same way as the Toy O no Toy team trusted us with our little misstep, here she was, fully trusting us and trusting our product by spending her entire weekend in it and sleeping in the Pod for two nights.

We crafted a big program for Patti with activities, and of course, everything to do and experience with the Pod itself.

After a welcoming drink at the local Marina restaurant, we gave her a tour of the factory, where she witnessed the SeaPod Eco model #2 currently in production. Impressed by our progress, and how we managed to elevate our production method to be more efficient, it was great to see how excited she was to see that.

But of course, what she was “really” here for, was to see the Pod she would be staying in!
“Whoaaa” could summarise Patti’s reaction when she saw again her accommodation in all its beauty, standing here on the water. After a quick orientation tour, and how to use the inevitable SmartRing, we invited Jean Carlos from Reef2Reef to share his passion about growing sea cucumbers and how OceanBuilder’s was helping his project.

We also had a time for fun as Stand-Up Paddle and Kayak were there for the taking!
But soon enough, it was time for us to leave Patti to experience the amazing feeling of enjoying something she saw being built over time, and to finally be inside for the experience. The view from the pod is amazing during daytime, but at night, our LED strips network takes over to set the mood right. Indeed, there won’t be any wrongs here because you are in charge of the entire colour set thanks to the control tablet. It takes a bit of practice, but getting the tone right to match with the music is just a small learning curve away! From inside, and outside, she definitely had a lot of fun!

Then of course, the second best experience of sleeping in the pod is the morning after. Getting up from the bed with one of the best views on the planet, the sun coming through thanks to the large curved windows. Every way you look, on a 360° angle, the ocean and harbour are there to welcome your sight.

After a bit of snorkeling to protect the amazing Linton bay, it was time to part ways once again, but with promises of catching-up again soon!

And you would like to enjoy a SeaPod Night?

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