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Spar Winder in Full Production

Spar Winder in Full Production

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The spar manufacturing is now in full production mode thanks to our innovative spar winding machinery. It’s fiberglass time everyone!

We have definitely evolved from our first spar building that took 3 months, as the new method will drastically improve our production time to about 3 weeks. We are so thrilled that things are progressing so quickly now that we are working on the second SeapPod unit!
After setting up the steel structure and rolling it up to create a smooth huge 5.5 meters long cylinder. Since we were happy with the shape, we started adding the rest of the fiberglass layers.

We already shared with you how we were building our new fiberglass laying machine. Thanks to this innovative new winding machine, rolling the cylinder to add the fiberglass is almost a piece of cake!

The process follows an easy logic. The spar cylinder is spinning on an axle while we lay the fiberglass all around it. We have our fiberglass rolls on a shelf that goes down through a small “pool”. The excess fiberglass is then taken out before being stretched onto the spar. Centimeter by centimeter, we progress from one end to the other while making sure that every part is covered until it is almost one inch thick.
Then we slowly roll the fiberglass cart on its mini railway to another spot we want to have the fiberglass on.

It’s quite satisfying to witness the process as the spar slowly gets coated with fiberglass almost effortlessly. Once again, we have to give credit to our awesome engineering team for coming up with such an innovative solution, so efficient and easy to use.

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