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Underwater Room Progress

Underwater Room Progress

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We’re walking on the underwater room ceiling! How do we achieve such a performance?
Well, to be honest, that’s because it’s on the factory floor and we’re yet to start welding it.

The new seapod’s underwater room is progressing very well but at the moment, we understand that it can be hard to see a ceiling right at this moment. But worry not, it will be done in the next couple of days.

We already have a few pieces of the underwater room ready in the factory, even though we are still talking about “steel is welded” ready. The floor is done and so is the roof, so bits by bits we are gathering the elements of what is going to be an impressive engineering achievement for everyone here at Ocean Builders.

Some parts will take a lot faster than others. The truss for example, will take a while. A truss is essentially a triangulated system of (usually) straight interconnected structural elements; it is sometimes also referred to as an open web girder. The individual elements are connected at nodes; the connections are often assumed to be nominally pinned.

We cannot wait to assemble the pieces together to show you what this room will really look like.
Obviously, nothing will be as impressive and immersive (literally) as when this room will be underwater with beautiful coral and fishes all around. But a little patience will be necessary.

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