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Floor Near Complete

Floor Near Complete

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We are turning on the fibreglass spray gun today for some action on the underwater room flooring today!

You know how we like to play with our factory toys right? Well, we managed to fix the fibreglass spray gun that was not working the way we wanted when it arrived, so we toyed around to cover our freshly welded underwater room flooring with a thick fibreglass coating.

First, we do a top layer one with our spray gun, then we will install our fibreglass sheets on top of it. The result? A very solid floor of course!

Stairs and bed areas will be next with reinforcements with bulkheads.
Bulkheads are partitions or walls within a ship or other large structure that help to divide the space and provide structural support. On the pod, they will be done within the engineering room underneath, effectively separating every section of the underwater room while reinforcing the entire structure. Indeed, bulkheads are often used to separate different compartments or areas within the vessel, such as the engine room or passenger cabins. Bulkheads can also be used to add extra strength and stability to the structure, and to help prevent damage in the event of a collision or other emergency.

We’re getting there, slowly but surely. Slowly for now, but we have processes in place to go faster soon. You know us, we’re very consistent in getting things done the way we want them to!

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