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Center Dock Flashing

Center Dock Flashing

We are getting the flashing installed on the center dock. We made 8 of these fiberglass pieces that will go around the entire circumference of the dock. We had to measure and then drill holes in the flashing so that it would slide over the posts for the railing.

The purpose of the flashing is to work as a trim to cover up the rough edges of the honeycomb material that we use to make the walking surfaces for the dock and walkways to the outer spars. The edges of the honeycomb not only look rough and unfinished but are also pretty sharp and jagged. This trim will cover everything up to make it look better and, more importantly, make it safer.

The curve of the original pieces didn’t quite match the curve of the center dock so we had to cut small slots into the material to make it curve a little bit more so that it would fit properly. Luckily, we have a fantastic team that is not afraid to adapt and overcome when we run into hurdles. Things are coming along nicely and this flashing will look beautiful when it is completed!

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